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Email Marketing

Email marketing has three main aims: increase brand awareness, re-engage subscribers/customers, and customer retention. You may be already familiar with these three conversion-driven actions and you may also be well aware of their importance in the success of your business. Email marketing may not be the first thing on your mind when you hear these things. You have probably used different marketing strategies with varying levels of success. But what if there is one high-performing marketing strategy that you are missing out from?

Digital Growth

Our Email Marketing Approach

  1. Research and insights
  2. Lead generation
  3. CRM integration
  4. List segmentation
  5. Content development
  6. Email design
  7. Spam testing
  8. CAN-SPAM compliance audit
  9. Sending campaigns
  10. Tracking and Marketing Automation
  11. Retargeting – email and PPC ads
  12. Measurement and Optimization
Content Management Systems
Email Marketing
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We seamlessly merge two key components – the latest digital technologies and the latest digital automation.

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