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No matter what your business does or where it’s based our IMS is the ultimate point of sale solution for you.

IMS that allows you to manage inventory

It has built-in Invoice and Inventory System with taxes and discounts. These will be really helpful to apply taxes and discounts automatically and the ability to generate invoice and purchase orders from quotation.
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Point of Sale (POS)



Multiple Permissions (User Roles)




With Overview & Best Seller Chart, Latest Five (sales, quotations. purchases, transfers, customers & suppliers)
Purchase order with payments records, option to add purchase with CSV along with expenses feature
Standard, Combo & Digital products with import & export option along with quantity adjustment and bulk update feature
Transfer products from one warehouse to another with csv, import & export options
Simple and easy to use design with registers, virtual keyboard, hold/suspend sales and display customer screen option. Quick Cash buttons and Accept payment with PayPal Pro, Stripe and
Manager staff users, billers (selling companies), customers and suppliers with import by csv and export optio
Sales with payments and option to accept payments online by PayPal and Skrill along with delivery, gift cards and returns options
Sharing your work responsibilities with colleagues when you’re on leave is as simple as creating a user role and assigning that role to your peers. A simple menu allows you to select various roles.
Add quotation, convert them to sales or purchase order with download as pdf option
Overview & warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, general profit and/or loss report, sales, purchases, transfers, customer, suppliers and staff user reports
Staff and customer notifications option
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