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The struggle to manage real state has been solved.

Developed for startups and small/medium enterprises

Real Estate Agency Portal

Our Real Estate System allows you to quickly manage real estate data, such as property info, booking, sales records, leaves, and much more. You’ll discover instantly how effortless it becomes to manage your business.
Real Estate Agency Portal

Integreted Maps

Visual Page Editing


Multi Languages

Multi currencies


Support Open Street Maps and Google Maps.
Add/Edit, Drag & drop any field, Indoor/outdoor amenities, distances, or custom fields like Floor etc. with icons of course.
Both normal submission and featured listings (Cash/Bank transfer also supported) for frontend users, Adsense and similar services is also supported.
More then 60+ languages supported with auto-translate feature based on MyMemory API and Google translator.
Support all world currencies in listings (can be different based on langauge) and all PayPal supported currencies for PayPal payments
Easy location entering. Auto-suggest based on City, County, Zip
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Our main goal is to team up with a shifting customer base from small to average-sized businesses to help them in accomplishing brand awareness objectives by increasing demand, informing the market, and distinguishing them from other brands. We set up a special relationship with our customers and convey custom methodologies dependent on their necessities and objectives. Corporate Hi-Tech aims to work at the crossroad between design, business, and technology to amplify and enable digital marketing solutions and act as a digital guide to increase visibility, conversions, and revenue through the help and putting your milestones to action so that your business efficiently flourishes.

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We specialize in both legal technologies and general information technologies and we apply our full range of talent in creating the perfect digital solution for each client’s needs.

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