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Are you looking to expand what your ecommerce website has to offer its customers? Corporate Hi-Tech can help you further optimize and streamline your ecommerce platform with custom shopping feeds and coupon management integration, including intricate analysis, online shopping feed experts, and ongoing account management? Corporate Hi-Tech is here to help with our shopping feed and coupon management services.

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👍 43% improvement in cost per lead | Industrial Supplier 🙌 “Corporate Hi-Tech has been a game-changer for our web strategy.” | AU Healthcare Company 📊 “They provide the reporting I need and the results I want.” | Owner of Home Services Company 📈 51% increase in SQLs from CHT Marketing Services data pipelines | Transportation Manufacturer 🚗 184% increase in organic traffic | Financial Services Provider 📞 58% increase in qualified phone calls | Global Consulting Firm 🍃 “Corporate Hi-Tech has been a breath of fresh air.” | COO of Ecommerce Company 🙌 “We have had nothing but great experiences.” | Marketing Manager 🔼 29% increase in MQLs from CHT Marketing Services ad technology | Financial Services Firm 💲 47% increase in year-over-year revenue | Industrial Supplier 🤝 “Corporate Hi-Tech has been on our side for over a year, delivering each target we set in a competitive industry.” | President of Ecommerce Store 📈 34% increase in PPC conversion rate | Higher Education 👍 55% improvement in cost per lead | Health Services Company 📩 2x increase in coupon conversion rate from email blasts | Professional Services Supplier 📝 11% increase in leads from blog content | Hospitality Company

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Effective coupon management services for SMBs

Whether they’re shopping online or browsing a brick-and-mortar store, all shoppers love a good deal. Many shoppers will even be swayed to purchase from a new or competing brand if a promotion or coupon is persuasive enough.

With our industry-leading shopping feed management, product feed management, and online coupon management programs, Corporate Hi-Tech allows your site to target these online shoppers hunting for the right products and deals. We’ll optimize your site, digital product feeds, and coupons or special offers so that more customers will be compelled to click that “buy” button.

While your products are obviously important, it’s also important to understand the power of coupon management programs. Offering customers just 5% off or triggering special deals for customers who perform certain actions can help boost your rates of conversion. Simple additions to your pages like coupon feeds — not to mention other coupon management tactics — are valuable to any ecommerce website.

Looking for custom plans and pricing? Request a proposal to receive yours.

“I didn’t know where to begin in managing the online marketing and advertising for my new retail business and Corporate Hi-Tech came to the rescue. They helped me understand what we needed to do and were a full service solution in getting it all implemented.”



Corporate Hi-tech Shopping Feed & Coupon Management Services

Shopping feed management pricing

FeaturesAggressiveMarket Leader
Feed Optimization
Product Categorization
Analytics Reporting
Dedicated Account Representative
Daily Automatic Submission to Chosen Engines
Manual Submissions to Chosen Engines MonthlyWeekly
SKU Suppression
Product Filters
Ongoing Feed Review
Managed Feed Optimization
Bid Management Services
Ongoing Addition of Negative Keywords
Connect Google Merchant Center to Pull Data into Google Ads
Submissions to Google Shopping
Bing Product Ads
450+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Setup of Dynamic Remarketing in Google Ads
Feed Compatible with Existing Affiliate Program Optional
PriceRunner Optional Optional Optional
Nextag Optional
Connexity/Shopzilla Optional
Houzz Optional Optional
International Shopping Feeds ($ added for each additional country) $300 per country $300 per country
Minimum Management 3 months 3 months
Shopping Feed Setup $1,500 for Magento, Woo, & Shopify | $2,500 for All Other Storefronts $1,500 for Magento, Woo, & Shopify | $2,500 for All Other Storefronts
Monthly Investment $350 $700
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So many products, so little time

Creation and coding of shopping feeds is no small feat. Whether your site offers five products or 5,000, ensuring these products are properly detailed and categorized in a searchable shopping feed holds huge potential benefits for any ecommerce site, no matter its size.

If you have an existing shopping feed, Corporate Hi-Tech will audit, analyze, and optimize it. No existing feed? No worry! The ecommerce specialists at Corporate Hi-Tech are skilled in gathering information, creating lists, and categorizing products in almost every industry.

Once your product feed is created and optimized, your dedicated account representative will submit the feed to search engines based on your specific plan. Your product listing ads management representative will ensure that the feed is accepted and displaying properly on all sites.

Comparison shopping engine management

Our experts will also ensure that your product listing feed shows up for those who are doing comparison shopping through Google or other search engines. We’ll work to optimize each and every listing so that its details are complete, giving you an edge over the competition.

We know the importance of making your listing stand out, and our comparison shopping management team will do just that: make you look better than the others.

How online coupons can grow your business

Coupons can drastically impact the effectiveness of your marketing efforts — whether new or long-standing. Through specialized deals, coupon management, and promotions, you will be able to increase the number of potential customers who convert from your online marketing efforts.

With a dedicated account representative, Corporate Hi-Tech will promote your custom coupon on at least 15 unique websites. This outreach aims to increase the traffic of potential customers to your business using coupon management programs, and it often attracts first-time customers who may not otherwise be aware of your brand. For existing customers, discovering a new coupon — whether it’s through social media or coupon feeds — can bring them back to shop on your site once again.

Are you ready to manage your online coupons?

If you need help managing your online coupons, Corporate Hi-Tech can help. We are a full-service Internet marketing agency located in Harrisburg, PA. When you work with us, you’ll get a dedicated account manager that will guide you through the process, and won’t make any decision without your consent.

Contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ready to get those product data feeds rolling? Want to boost your business with coupons? Call 1300 721 609 or contact us online to learn more about shopping feed optimization and coupon management options offered by Corporate Hi-Tech.

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