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Want to diversify your online sales platforms to sell more products? Facebook Marketplace for Business gives you access to more than 800 million buyers around the globe — and Corporate Hi-Tech can help you drive revenue on the platform!

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Facebook Marketplace for Business

Used monthly by more than 800 million people in 70 countries, Facebook Marketplace lets people buy and sell items like furniture, clothes, and even cars. While the platform is commonly used by individual sellers, Facebook has started rolling out Marketplace for Business. For businesses looking to boost product sales online, Facebook’s Marketplace for Business provides a great opportunity.

On this page, we’ll look at five benefits of selling on Marketplace for Business and how Corporate Hi-Tech can help you get started. Just keep reading to learn more — or give us a call at 1300 721 609 to talk with an ecommerce expert! Are you ready to start optimizing your Facebook presence? Contact us online to chat with an experienced strategist from our team.

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“Corporate Hi-Tech is very on top of everything. They have communicated very well throughout the entire process and helped me to understand things that were beyond my knowledge base. They were also willing to go above and beyond in helping us with things that may not have necessarily been in our contract.”

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What is Facebook Marketplace for Business?

In 2016, Facebook unveiled Marketplace — the social giant’s platform for buying and selling items locally.

Facebook Marketplace has traditionally been used by individual sellers. But Facebook recently introduced Marketplace for Business — a new feature to help businesses sell more online.

With Marketplace for Business, you can:

  1. Display inventory for retail items, home rentals, vehicles, and event tickets
  2. Advertise your store or items on Marketplace — even if you don’t post directly on Marketplace
  3. Show new or refurbished items from your Facebook Page shop on Marketplace for free
  4. Allow customers to purchase without leaving Facebook

If your business wants to boost exposure and product sales online, Facebook Marketplace for Business can help.

5 benefits of using Facebook Marketplace for Business

Let’s look at five benefits of Marketplace for Business for small and midsized business sellers.

1. Start listing products for free

Unlike most other platforms, Facebook Marketplace for Business lets you create and manage listings for no additional cost.

Marketplace for Business gives you a fast and free selling option, so you can instantly boost revenue. And you’ll have extra budget to expand your reach with paid ads.

2. Increase brand awareness

More than 800 million people across the globe use Facebook Marketplace each month — and Marketplace for business will help you instantly expand your online audience.

Even if your business doesn’t post directly on Marketplace, you can advertise your products on Marketplace to reach more shoppers. Using Facebook’s Ad Manager tool, you can create targeted ads people see when they shop on Marketplace.

Coupling your Marketplace for Business listings with paid ads will turbocharge your exposure and help more people find and learn about your items.

3. Boost product sales

With Facebook Marketplace for Business, you can list items from your Facebook Page shop for free. This allows customers to purchase directly on Facebook, without leaving the platform.

Selling on Marketplace for Business allows you to streamline the conversion process, so you can earn more sales and revenue.

So, if you want to sell more online, consider linking your Facebook Page shop with Marketplace for Business to boost product sales.

4. Interact directly with customers via Messenger

When you sell on Marketplace for Business, you can respond directly to questions from interested buyers on Facebook Messenger.

Interacting with leads in real-time allows you to answer questions and provide the information they need to purchase before they lose interest. You can also show off your customer service chops and make people feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

5. Outsell competitors online

Since Facebook Marketplace for Business is a new feature, selling on the platform will give you an early mover advantage.

Getting started with Marketplace for Business allows you to diversify your selling channels to stand out online and outpace competitors.

You have a unique opportunity to reach customers on social media — and since 2.2 billion people use Facebook every day, you’ll reach more customers than competitors who don’t sell on the platform.

 Table of Contents

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