The Reasons Why We Love WordPress Web Design 2021

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    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is written in PHP and is mostly used in web designing. WordPress was developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Matt was just 19 years old and was in the first year at the University of Houston. After the hard work of many developers and evolving technology WordPress was made into the most powerful tool of this era and many businesses work and earn just by working on and for WordPress. Initially, WordPress was developed to help in blogging and for 3 to 4 years it was used as a blogging tool but as time passes WordPress grew and become the most important tool for web designing.


    What Is WordPress Compatible With?

    In the era of digitalization, WordPress has an important role in it and Corporate Hi-tech makes sure that none of you are deprived of such perks. WordPress has made things easier for developers who seek smoothness. The work that used to take a month before can now be done in a few days. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) and it is synchronized with a Database where you can save your data. WordPress can be used as an online tool and is compatible for use in windows 10, 7, 8.1, XP, and Linux and can be opened on any web browser for use.


    Business Branding

    Corporate Hi-tech helps you build and start your business from nothing and for that the very first step is to purchase the domain and hosting. After that, you purchase a theme or get the theme from the WordPress theme store and install it and that’s where real work starts. Corporate Hi-tech has world-class web designers and developers who can design an aesthetic website within days which will be SEO optimized and will help you grow in your business.


    Website Design

    Using WordPress doesn’t require deep knowledge of PHP and most of the work is done by drag and drop but Corporate Hi-tech mostly hires an expert person who doesn’t only has to command over WordPress but also has complete knowledge of PHP and he knows what’s happening at the backend. Talking about themes and plugins for WordPress, themes are written in CSS also known as cascading style sheets. This isn’t a language but is used to style. For example, if you need to design a submit button it is firstly made by PHP then it is looked at by HTML and is then styled in CSS. CSS decides whether your SUBMIT button will be round in shape and black in color or rectangle in shape and yellow. Themes have different properties but their main idea is to give a pleasing visual and this is all done by CSS and HTML at the backend. Mostly themes used are paid because developing a theme is not a piece of cake and requires proper developers to develop but you can get the free nulled version of themes but it’s a better practice that you always purchase it because you will keep getting all the updates regarding that and if something goes wrong you can contact the developers however nowadays security is the priority so that must not be compromised. Moreover, every theme has different properties and is designed for various objects like if you are a dentist and want to develop a website you have to buy a theme that is specially designed for that purpose. If you are a vet and need to develop a website then you have to choose one that is designed for that purpose. You can still make any website on any theme but it’s better to practice it on the particular theme and Corporate Hi-tech makes sure because we want you to grow as it indicates our abilities and efforts but if you don’t choose themes smartly according to your requirements then you seek the help of plugins for different extra things you want and that affects the speed of the website and according to a survey if your website takes more than 8 seconds to response people usually switch to another one so it’s a better practice to make sure you don’t install enough plugins without any need.


    Talking about plugins, plugins are like applications. You need something on your phone you install an application just like that plugins are also a type of application generally written in PHP and sometimes according to the requirement they are written in CSS and Html. What’s the use of plugins? Now imagine you got stuck in some problem and you need some extra thing on your webpage now you need to install a plugin of the required thing activate it and use it accordingly. You need plugins for different reasons and one of them is SEO and marketing. Corporate Hi-tech helps you in digital marketing and if you selling goods on your website and need global recognition Corporate Hi-tech ensures this and helps in building an aesthetic and search engine optimized website for better business growth and advertisement of the goods.


    E-commerce Development

    Nowadays the world has become a global village and due to covid-19 and apart from that businesses were already shifting to online like Amazon and eBay. Now if you are a vendor and sell clothes or different products and want an online store such as Amazon, it’s possible because WordPress has a feature of WooCommerce. For an eCommerce website, you have to download a free plugin called WooCommerce. By installing this plugin, you can make an online store. Corporate Hi-tech helps you build an online store on WordPress where you can sell your product and earn. Woocommerce has different features such as managing cart and managing payment methods. It is also integrated with PayPal and you can easily make secure online payments without any worries.


    WordPress has made things easier for anyone who wants to start their own business whether they want to start blogging or want to sell homemade cookies, WordPress has made it easier and is helping in making the world a better place. Anyone can learn WordPress and can design websites and can also get paid by designing the websites because WordPress has made it easier to design a website.


    One other feature of WordPress is the page building plugin. This plugin helps you build web pages the more common and famous page builders are Elementor, WP bakery, and many more. Corporate Hi-tech makes your page aesthetic and user friendly which attracts the customer. The main function of this page builder is that this makes your designing easier and you can design a page and can add different widgets to a page in a blink of an eye.


    Graphic Designing

    The other important but underrated thing is your logo and Corporate Hi-tech ensures that you have the perfect logo for your company. Logos play an important role in attracting customers. If you have ever noticed all the food chains have the red logo this is because red is the color that stimulates hunger. Designing a logo requires a brilliant mind and Corporate Hi-tech has qualified logo designers who make sure your business isn’t deprived of that.

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